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...füdlegwöhnleche Schwizer...

Finally after 7 years I could go and see another concert by Florian Ast. After I read that he had a hearing loss and won't performe anymore, I didn't believe anymore, I'd ever see him live on stage again :D So, that changed yesterday with the 1 year anniversary celebration of the Westside shopping centre.

I was shopping the whole afternoon, before I sat down front row at about 7pm The concert started at 8pm - and it's been brilliant from the first second on! My first impression though - gosh, is he small ^^. I remembered him taller, but anyway it is years ago and I was younger . He sang all the great songs "Daneli", "Blueme", "Ängu", "Träne" - which he sang in duet with the music star Katharina Michel, "Füdlegwöhnlechi Schwiizer", "Alte Maa", "Paris", "Sex" etc. He signed some CDs on stage while singing and gave them too fans, and one thing I remember, he didn't change... he's still the same goof I hope very much to see another show of him very soon again :D

 Check out the pictures in my gallery, which I updated in the last few days. More coming soon

9.10.09 12:59

R.I.P. Anthony Moriah

Seriously, I never cried before when a person, I never really knew died. But today, I am just shocked to the bones and can't believe HE's dead. The tears are just running over my cheeks...

I've heard this guy severel times on stage with DJ Bobo. I LOVED every tune that was coming from him, he just got such an amazing voice. Now I just came home and was told/read that he's dead.

I remember him seeing at the DJ Bobo 1 August concert - nothing seemed wrong, all well? And the most impressive and moving meeting I ever had, when I met him in NOvember, after one the concerts in Bern. Talking to him about Dublin, Irish girls and the musical he used to play in Dublin. He said, he really had to get back to Dublin again. That he loved the place. I wonder if he's been back there after our talk??? Even though I only met him this one time, he seemed to me to be such a great guy - such a great person.

Rest in peace, Tone!!


29.9.09 22:59

... Anshelle took us into

Hey. So I've been in Bern last night to go and see the Anshelle concert organised by the Mobiliar, all for free  I arrived there around 9pm and so was a bit too early for it to start at 9.30pm. But there was the Bernese Symphony Orchestra playing movie songs and I heard the last two ones and it's been incredible! The last one the played was the suite of ET. Amazing! And so beautiful!! Really loved it! I wonder if they have a CD or something. I am not that much into classical music, but all these movie themes are just great. Well, instead of starting at 9.30pm, Anshelle started at about 9.50pm... all the stage reconstruction took them longer than only 30mins, what I haven't been surprised about and sure they had to do the soundcheck as well. They kicked off the show with "Secret garden". Beautiful song. By this time all the people were still sitting or standing at the sides. It's been a beautiful ambiance to have this concert next to the federal building all lighten up beautifully. Really stunning. Only the last 15minutes or so, Michelle, leadsinger of the band, asked people to get in front of the stage and so I sure got up from my chair too ^^. Sitting was less fun anyway I think it was the second last song they sang "Bankok smiling", which is my absolutely favourite since I heard her as support of DJ Bobo some years ago - must have been in 2003 I think. Was great You should check them out. They are a Swiss band but singing English They're latest album's "Betty's garden". Maybe see them soon again.

30.8.09 12:38

Engelberg rocks!!

Long time nothing written, I know =) But I try to remember everything now and tell you from all the good fun from the last weeks.

On 31st July I took the day off and around lunchtime I left to go to Engelberg, what's in central Switzerland to see the 1st August concert of "DJ Bobo & Friends" up there in the hight. For everyone who doesn't know - 1st August is National holiday in Switzerland, Switzerland's birthday. And DJ Bobo was going to have the biggest 1st August party in Switzerland...


16.8.09 15:14

New Photos in Gallery

I just uploaded new concerts photos of Aextra, Pink & Stefanie Heinzmann into the gallery Go nd check it out.
2.5.09 18:03

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