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Westlife live at 02 Blueeroom, Dublin

Even though I haven't been there and neither watched it live online, as you could, I've got to mention it here. Been watching it on Youtube and it's brilliant. It would be fantastic to see Westlife live on tour with such an accoustic show.

They performed with an orchestra following songs:

1. What About Now
2. What Makes A Man
3. If I Let You Go
4. Please Stay
5. You Raise Me Up
6. Flying Without Wings
7. Viva La Vida

The show took 45mins at 02 arena in Dublin and was shown on the homepage of 02 Blueroom for UK, Ireland & Germany. Apparently with some tricks you could watch it also in other countries. The tickets for the show only could be won by Ireland & UK. Check it out on Youtube


21.8.10 09:57

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