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 We are loving Robbie instead...

Where do I start? I had a little stalking trip to Zurich on 24 October. Really only a little, cos it's been containing of standing in front of the SF half of an afternoon. Well, expecting loads of people in front out there, there weren't actually that many.. but some girls just held their anual Take That fan meeting there due to the special occasion I started to talk to them and we had, and we really had a fun time there. They had made some special masks and banners for Robbie, and the reporters from TV and radio started to do interviews and stuff. And we just really hoped to see a bit from Robbie or - for my part - Leona Lewis. Sure, I haven't been clever enough. Just should have been there earlier or well, even gone to the airport. Sure, next time I may do that. Anyway, we had a lot of fun in front of those studios. And coming close to let the people inside, which actually won a ticket, they told us, everyone could at least get inside the building and they might let some more people in. So, yeah, first they said, they were letting in about 15 more people - but with all the about 20-25 people begging and pleading, they in the end decided to let actually everyone in. So, we've been staying and waiting there in the gangway - airless, hot atmosphere, all cramped between so many people. When actually Robbie arrived, everyone sure was getting excited and trying to get at least a little glimps of him After probably more than an hour, it was finally his turn to performe and they let us stumple and squeez into the studio - people quite surprised and wondering... and soon the screeming concert started. People quite freaking out, while Robbie was performing his new single "Bodies". And well, yeah... that's probably the closest I ever will be But that was actually pretty close The whole day was just brilliant. After the show, we went back to the hotel and had a drink in the bar, before I had to head back home again The next 2 days all exciting finding us on news papers, internet and TV :-p

"Da schnappte sich Robbie mein Handy" - 20min, 25.10.2009
Glanz & Gloria, 25.10.2009



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